How Mint Green Envelopes Cured My Greeting Card Anxiety

29 Jun

A few days ago, we were checking in a pretty large shipment of this new brand of greeting cards.


While we were making sure everything that was supposed to show up was in that brown corrugated shipping box, we couldn’t help but look at all the pictures and read the captions inside all of the cards. They were well illustrated, modern…and for a greeting card, had a remarkable sense of humor. They managed to be funny in a one or two sentence joke.

THAT combination is unheard of!

Personally, I appreciate cards that already have something awesome on the inside and out. It makes it way less difficult for me to write something in there.

If I’m not feeling especially sentimental that day, then cards get super awkward. I sometimes even go so far as to just sign my name. Or if it’s especially bad, I sign my initials and hope that they won’t be able to figure out who the card is from…

WHAT ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO WRITE IN THERE? It’s not a letter. Letters I can do (see last week’s post.) These are a horse of a different color (did you catch the Wizard of Oz reference? No? That’s cool.) 

In fact, anymore I just buy gift enclosures. They’re so small that there’s no room for a message.

But, when these cards came in, I had to have one. Seriously, a few of them had a mint green envelope…


So, I bought one for my Dad’s birthday, which I had missed by a couple days. The belated birthday card had the mint envelope too. SCORE! Then I tackled my fear. 

All I did was:


birthday acknowledgement (one sentence)



(This looks exactly like the worksheet I got in second grade diagramming how to write a letter.)

The card was a hit. He absolutely loved it. It sat on top of the oven (AKA the card hall of fame) for the world to see for the next couple of weeks.

Moral of the story? When writing a card, keep it simple. You don’t have to talk like Tarzan, but you don’t have to speak as if you were born in the Shakespearean era either.

Have you heard of Ecka & Pecka though? They’re amazing.







What do you write in greeting cards? Do you write anything at all, or just put some cash in to make up for it? Leave your answer in the comments below!


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